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Our Website is supported by the Banca Sella servers ( for the security in transactions (payments) by credit card.
The system used for online payments

is GESTPAY, a very secure system that protect both consumers about personal data and merchants from risks connected with online frauds.

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Security statement of Bancasella

BancaSella uses the following Security Standards for online transactions:

Protocol SSLl3 128 bit

The Communication between browser and Server is guaranteed by SSL3 (Secure Sockets Layer) with 128 bit Triple Des encryption algorithm (Nowadays the highest Security Standars with server certification).

Encrypted parameters

In this way, as parameters passing by the browser are encrypted with very secure algorithms, the consumer won't be able to intefere between merchant and bank.

Java class

The merchant, who works with GestPay, can download from the Sellanet website a Java class platform, that is suitable for any systems. Its function is to encrypt the dates that will be subsequently transferred to Banca Sella server. Always on Sellanet website there will be available different examples of “copy and paste” realized in the most widespread programming languages.

IP addresses

To improve further the security the merchant has to indicate one or more IP addresses of the servers, that communicate with Banca Sella server: the last one, at every call, cross-checks the last merchant ID and the calling IP address. Then the merchant has to verify his reply pages about the result of the transaction (URL OK and KO) so that he can decrypt the bank reply.

Reliability in the communication server/server

Thanks to the direct communication SERVER/SERVER the merchant is sure to receive an answer from the bank about the result of the transaction, also when the purchaser closes the browser before obtaining the answer.

Reiteration of the communication

In case of no connection to merchant’s server the safe Banca Sella server will make a number of predetermined attempts to establish a connection, but apart from that Banca Sella server makes the client display a “virtual receipt”, that summarizes the transaction dates . After the last attempts the client will display a page containing the information about the payment and this page has been arranged by Banca Sella as a replacement for merchant’s page. Other attempts from server to server will be make at regular intervals till a guarantee of the established communication. If the communication hasn’t been established after 24 hours, the help desk will call directly the merchant.